‘Barkat’: A Special Platform Launched for Women Entrepreneurs by Meri Saheli, Active Women’s Club

Meri Saheli Active Women's Club
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Pune, 2nd July 2023: Meri Saheli Active Women’s Club, dedicated to the holistic development of women for the past 22 years, has recently launched ‘Barkat,’ a platform aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs. The launch event witnessed the presence of esteemed chief guests, including Dr Neelima Tapasvi, President of Abhiti Welfare Foundation, Karuna Patil from KP’s Total Media Solutions, and Yogita Gosavi, President of Vasundhara Parivar.

Addressing the women entrepreneurs at the launch, Dr Tapasvi expressed, “Every woman possesses the inherent qualities necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. With proper guidance, these women can become empowered both professionally and financially.”

Dr Tapasvi, who holds the position of Chief Advisor in the Ministry of Women and Child Development and has implemented effective policies for women’s entrepreneurship development under the government, emphasized the availability of various schemes for women entrepreneurs. She urged women to take advantage of these schemes and stressed the importance of creating awareness among women about such opportunities.

Highlighting the significance of media and marketing in entrepreneurship, Karuna Patil stated that women entrepreneurs play a vital role in the economic development of the state. She emphasized the need for women to stay updated and adapt to changing times to enhance their entrepreneurial endeavors. In the digital era, Patil encouraged women entrepreneurs to explore the multitude of options available for dissemination and make the most of them.

The launch event was also attended by notable personalities, including Yogita Gosavi, President of Vasundhara Family, Dr Harshida Chandwinia, Pooja Srishrimal, Dr Medha Shah, Rachna Bankapur, and Jyoti Thakkar, among others.

The introduction of ‘Barkat’ as a dedicated platform for women entrepreneurs showcases Meri Saheli Active Women’s Club’s commitment to fostering the growth and success of women in business. This initiative aims to provide the necessary support, guidance, and resources to empower women entrepreneurs in their professional journey.