Pune: Successful Completion of Marine Engineering Specialisation Course at INS Shivaji

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Lonavala, 2nd July 2023: A total of 39 officers, including 19 from the Indian Navy, 15 from the Sri Lankan Navy, two from the Myanmar Navy, two from the Bangladesh Navy, and one from the Nigerian Navy, successfully completed the rigorous 105-week Marine Engineering Specialisation Course (MESC) at INS Shivaji today. 

The Course Completion Ceremony was graced by Vice Admiral Sandeep Naithani AVSM, VSM, Chief of Materiel, who served as the Chief Guest for the event.

Throughout the course, the officers underwent comprehensive training that encompassed practical experience, watchkeeping aboard naval warships, and the completion of diverse Marine Engineering projects. The curriculum aimed to foster technical expertise and research acumen among the participants, who worked on a wide array of naval projects. These projects ranged from developing anti-corrosive coating techniques for pipes to designing Thermo-Electric Generators for Waste Heat Recovery Systems.

During the ceremony, Lt Sunny Deol was awarded the esteemed ‘Best All-Round Officer’ trophy, recognizing his outstanding performance and dedication. Lt Rakshit Narayan Pai received the ‘Best Sportsman’ trophy for his exceptional sporting achievements, while Lt Sachin Yadav was honored with the ‘Positive Living Officer’ trophy, acknowledging his exemplary attitude and conduct. Lt Cdr Yusuf Mirdha from the Bangladesh Navy was recognized as the ‘First in Order of Academic Merit’ for his exceptional academic performance. The ‘Best International Officer Trainee’ award was bestowed upon Lt(E) MASL Wijerathne of the Sri Lankan Navy, acknowledging his remarkable contributions throughout the course.

The successful completion of the Marine Engineering Specialisation Course signifies the officers’ mastery of critical skills and their preparedness to take on challenging roles within their respective navies. The knowledge gained from the course, coupled with their practical experience, will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing the capabilities of their naval forces.

INS Shivaji, a premier establishment of the Indian Navy, has been at the forefront of imparting specialized training in marine engineering. The institution’s commitment to excellence and the development of highly skilled professionals continues to bolster the maritime capabilities of not only India but also partner nations.