Batting for Herd Immunity, Pune Doctor writes to Bombay High Court for free movement

Bombay High Court

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Pune, April 25, 2020: A 58-year-old doctor from Pune has written to the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court and sought permission to visit different areas. There is lockdown in Maharashtra since March 18. The number of Coronavirus positive patients has reached 1,000 in Pune city.

Vd. Mandar Bhalchandra Akkalkotkar from Kothrud, who is an Associate Professor in Ayurveda College, stated in his letter, “Corona crisis may need different thoughts for management if the current situation does not improve within a month or two. State and central governments have no clue what to do after May 2020. The government cannot continue lockdown till March 2021 or so.

The economic disaster can kill more people than this pandemic. The World Health Organisation (WHO) does not know what to do after this month’s lockdown is over. The only answer can be to create herd immunity, which will make all Indians immune to this viral disease, till medical aids, anti-viral specific new drugs or vaccines etc. are made available. Indians are expected to have better immunity due to tradition and lifestyle.”

He proposed, “Since healthy young active individuals are less likely to get severely ill, there is a high possibility that the majority of the self- volunteering and willing young/healthy population gets exposed to the virus, may get mildly infected and create herd immunity which can ultimately generate immunity in the total population. To protect oneself, everyone can be suggested to take extra efforts to increase immunity I am practising this and I will continue to do this even after. This includes specific and limited food, hot water, exercises, herbs and medicines for prevention and to increase adaptive immunity. Positive minds can volunteer to find a solution.

He requested the High court to consider his prayer, “I may be issued a permit to visit at all public places except prohibited/ restricted red zones of COVID 19 cases in the state or at least in the city. This includes my workplaces,clinic, bank, fuel stations, shops, vegetable market, farm, forest etc, which are necessary for earning and living. I am ready to give an affidavit on stamp paper that I will be solely responsible for my health especially related to COVID19 viral disease.

I will follow all the guidelines circulated by the health ministry and home ministry. I and my family will not hold anyone responsible for extreme ill effects of this disease if I get infected with COVID virus and even also die. I will take extra care, avoid contact, keep a safe distance, use a face mask and use sanitizer when coming in contact with unknown. I shall try to restrict my movements as much as possible.

The high court is requested to have an expert opinion from health ministry and epidemiologists and then issue favourable order so that any willing citizen can request for this type of permit for free movement. Normal life can be re-established in lesser time, with lesser costs and with less economic ill effects of long term shutdowns.”