Bengaluru Couple Finds Cobra in Amazon Package, Criticizes Company’s Response

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Karnataka, 19th June, 2024: A shocking and unexpected incident recently occurred in Karnataka, India, when a Bengaluru couple discovered a live cobra in a package they had ordered from Amazon. The couple, both software engineers, had anticipated receiving an Xbox controller, but instead, they were horrified to find a spectacled cobra, a venomous snake, stuck to the packaging tape.

The couple, who reside on Sarjapur Road, recorded the alarming incident and promptly shared it on social media. They explained in their post, “We ordered an Xbox controller two days ago from Amazon and received a live snake in the package. The delivery partner handed the package directly to us. We captured the entire incident on camera, with eyewitnesses present.” The video quickly went viral, drawing attention to the severe lapse in safety and hygiene standards.

Despite the snake being immobilized by the tape and therefore unable to cause immediate harm, the couple expressed their deep frustration and disappointment with Amazon’s customer support. They reported being kept on hold for over two hours in the middle of the night, which forced them to handle the potentially dangerous situation on their own. To document their harrowing experience, they took videos and photos that highlighted the lack of immediate assistance from Amazon. The delay in customer service response was particularly concerning given the potential risk to their safety.

Although Amazon issued a full refund for the order, the couple remained deeply dissatisfied with the company’s overall response to the incident. They questioned Amazon’s accountability and criticized the lack of compensation for what they described as a life-threatening situation. “This is clearly a safety breach caused by Amazon’s poor hygiene and supervision. Where is the accountability for such a serious lapse in safety?” they asked. Their concerns were valid, considering the potential danger posed by a venomous snake in a residential area.

Amazon responded to the incident with a tweet: “We’re sorry to know about the inconvenience you’ve had with the Amazon order. We’d like to have this checked. Please share the required details here, and our team will get back to you soon with an update.” However, the couple found this response to be inadequate. They noted that aside from the refund, there was no formal apology or additional compensation. They described Amazon’s typical ‘we regret the inconvenience’ message as insufficient and unacceptable given the gravity of the situation. The couple’s dissatisfaction underscores the need for companies to take responsibility and provide appropriate compensation when their negligence leads to potentially dangerous situations.

The spectacled cobra was safely released away from public areas, but the couple’s ordeal highlighted broader concerns about corporate accountability and safety measures. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of stringent quality control and better customer service protocols. Companies like Amazon must ensure that their packaging and delivery processes do not pose risks to customers. The couple’s experience has sparked a discussion on social media about the need for better safety standards and more robust corporate responsibility in handling such serious incidents.