Best cricket coaches in the world

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Hundreds of millions of people around the world are crazy about cricket. Thanks to them, cricket confidently ranks second in popularity in the world after football and, in terms of the number of loyal fans, it confidently surpasses all other team games – from baseball to hockey. Now presents the best all-time coaches.

Cricket spread throughout the world as the power of the British Empire grew. Therefore, if you look at the participants in the 2003 World Cup, then the list of participating countries, with rare exceptions, will represent the former colonies of the empire, but this does not apply to coaches.

Coaches are the most important part of the team. All these coaches served different teams of the world and were also very successful in their time. Best coach in cricket became so-called for a reason, but for a reason enough – they played a big role in the success of their teams and became the reason for the team’s victory in a large series.

Top 3 best cricket coaches in the world:

1           John Buchanan.

2           Bob Woolmer.

3           Gary Kirsten.

John Buchanan

The first one worth mentioning right away is John Buchanan. John was the best cricket player, but soon after retiring from his playing career, he became a professional coach. He is very supportive and deservedly considered the best coach in cricket history. This coach deserves special attention, if you are a true cricket fan, then you simply have to learn more about him.

Bob Woolmer

Bob was a well-known English cricketer and began his coaching career in the early 90s of the last century. Bob was appointed coach of the African national team. With the new team captain, fans were highly anticipating a huge change in the latest cricket team results and Bob could give it to them. The team has significantly improved its results.

Gary Kirsten

Gary was a very famous cricketer from South Africa. Now he is also a coach. He was also the player-coach of one of the most high-profile cricket leagues in the world, especially in the last cricket scores.


In recent years, cricket has been trying to shake off the age-old slumber and be reborn from an imposing sport dedicated to a dynamic spectacle for everyone. Therefore, teams are interested in searching for the best cricket coach in the world to show the best results and become famous.

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