Bharati Vidyapeeth medical team saves thousands in Sangli, Kolhapur floods

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Pune, August 16, 2019 :  – A medical team of Bharatiya Vidyapeeth was sent to Sangli, Kolhapur area to help the flood victims. This medical team comprising 1,000 volunteers and 309 doctors has saved lives by treating thousands of people. The team is led by Dr Vishwajeet Kadam himself.

In this team, medical students Dr. Akhilesh Prakash Pandey, Dr. Mukesh Kane, Dr. Ajay Jore, Dr. Omkar Kadam, Dr. Sarvajit Patil, Dr. Prateek Godse and Dr. Rameshwar Shinde worked hard to treat the patients. Head of Department of Physiology Dr. Nitin Mudiraj, Physiotherapy Department Head Dr. Sachin Sethi and Dr. Swapnil Mehta guided the medical team. Staying for a week, this team served the sick people suffering from various ailments due to floods.

The doctors said that many animals have died due to severe floods, due to lack of cleanliness, people are suffering from dengue, malaria, stomach ache, vomiting, etc and infectious diseases. They needed medical treatment at this time. Considering it their duty, Bharatiya Vidyapeeth sent a medical team to Sangli, Kolhapur flood affected villages and saved thousands of lives, said Dr. RB Kulkarni, Dean of Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College and Hospital, Sangli.

Inaccessible villages like Ankhalkhop, Nandre, Karnal have been affected more due to floods. A tractor was made available by local MLA Mohan Kadam which helped the medical team reach these inaccessible areas.

MLA Vishwajeet Kadam has called upon the people as well as the government in the time of this crisis to extend all possible help without delay. The government should work on a war footing to rebuild the destroyed village. Immediately announce the entire loan waiver of the farmers. Also, the amount of compensation should be disbursed as soon as possible, he demanded.