Bizarre Incident in Pune: Family Claims Black Magic Used for Revenge

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Kondhwa, 9th June 2024: In a bizarre incident in Pune’s Kondhwa area, an elite society’s secretary and his son allegedly used black magic on a family living in the society to take revenge for a minor dispute. A complaint has been lodged in this regard at the Kondhwa police station.


The complainant, Rupesh Agarwal, has filed a case against society secretary Rajkumar Joshi and his son Ankur Joshi, residents of Picasso Paradise Apartment, Sahyadri Park, Salunkhe Vihar, Kondhwa. The case has been registered under sections 294, 500, 504, 506, and 34 of the IPC, as well as section 3(2) of the Witchcraft Prevention Act.


According to the Kondhwa police, Rupesh Agarwal, Rajkumar Joshi, and Ankur Joshi all live in Picasso Paradise Apartment. The incident began on the morning of March 14, 2024, when Rupesh Agarwal’s father, Rajendra Agarwal, was leaving for the office in their car. At that time, there was no watchman to open the society gate. When Rupesh Agarwal asked secretary Rajkumar Joshi about the absence of the watchman, Joshi replied that the watchman had gone to another society to wash his car. Rupesh then questioned Joshi, “Why do you send the watchman for personal work?”


This question angered Ankur Joshi, who allegedly abused and threatened the complainant and his father and registered a false case against them. Ankur Joshi also allegedly threatened the Agarwal family by using witchcraft. They reportedly placed a lemon at the gate and a black doll with the intention of mentally harassing the complainant and his family. The complainant and his mother witnessed these actions.


Further, Rupesh Agarwal claims that his elder brother Rakesh Agarwal and maternal uncle Kishanchand Agarwal, along with their families, were followed and terrorized over time. As a result of this mental harassment, Rakesh Agarwal reportedly suffered a heart attack.


In light of these events, Kondhwa police have registered a case against Rajkumar Joshi and his son Ankur Joshi.