Bloomberg Index of 2021: US out of top 10 countries, China slips to 16th position, India moves up on the list

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New York, February 6, 2021: In the midst of the corona pandemic, Bloomberg has released its latest Innovation Index of 2021. India’s position has improved in this report. In this list, India ranks 50th in terms of innovation in the world, having moved up four places compared to last year. South Korea tops this index. The United States, although, has dropped out of the list of top 10 countries and China has fallen from one place to 16th position. Bloomberg released its report for the first time since the spread of the coronavirus in the world. The impact of the pandemic is evident in this report.

Ranking of major countries in the index

In 2021, South Korea returned to the top spot in the Bloomberg Innovation Index. This time South Korea has reached the first position, beating Germany. Germany is ranked fourth, Singapore finished second and Switzerland third. Ranking 5th is Sweden. Denmark has reached 6th place and Israel has secured the 7th position. Finland is 9th and Austria is 10th. The US has slipped to the 11th position. Japan, France, Belgium, Norway, China, Ireland, Britain, Australia and Italy, in the very order, have been placed 12th to 20th in the index.

7 European countries in the list of top-10 countries

Germany ranks fourth in this index. They were at the top position last year. China has come down a notch due to the US trade war and the Covid-19. Under it, data is taken on different scales of the economy of more than 200 countries. A list of the top countries is released in the index. The index indicates that the top countries like South Korea, Germany and Israel have also done better in dealing with Corona.

Bloomberg A Private Company

Bloomberg LP is a privately held financial, software data and media company. It has its headquarters in downtown Manhattan New York. Innovation is often measured by new ideas, new services. The Bloomberg Index examines countries on more than ten scales. It tests the countries’ research and development expenditure, manufacturing capacity, etc.

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