Book Kangana Ranaut Under UAPA, Demands Criminal Complaint Filed In Pune

Kangana Ranaut
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Pune, 14th November 2021: Now a complaint has been filed at Swargate police station in Pune against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut demanding that FIR may be registered against her under the provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 along with section 153B of IPC, read with section 24 of IPC. 

Social thinker and film producer Nilesh Navlakha has filed a written complaint through Adv Asim Sarode to the Swargate police station mentioning that Kangana Ranaut’s remark is the biggest misuse of freedom; the complaint was received by Senior PI Balasaheb Kopnar. 

The complaint describes that “woh azaadi nahi thi, woh bheekh thi aur jo azaadi mili hai woh 2014 me mili he” as a headless statement. As per Kangana’s statement the centuries long struggle by freedom fighters was “bheekh” or handout and it is aided and supported by Times Now channel as well as journalist Navika Kumar so the complaint. Navlakha also demanded that offence also needs to be registered against Times Now channel and Navika Kumar.

The complainant mentions that at the time of the utterance of these statements the organizers and the media platform Times Now channel never tried to stop Kangana Ranaut from committing these statements. The said channel and the anchor of the show Navika Kumar still have not issued a single statement condemning the objectionable statements made by Kangana Ranaut. Hence Navika Kumar and Times Now channel are perpetrators in the unlawful activity.

Nilesh Navlakha is known for working strongly on the issues related to Fundamental Rights. Recently he had filed a petition against the irresponsible way of media trial in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide case in Bombay High Court. 

Navlakha said that the remark by Kangana Ranaut is nothing but undermining the contribution of various people in the freedom struggle. The notices sent to Kangana Ranaut, Navika Kumar, Times Now channel and NBSA mentions that they are liable to reply to this legal notice within 7 days from the receipt of the notice.

Adv. Asim Sarode who has drafted the notice on behalf of Navlakha, said that Kangana Ranaut’s statement fits into the criteria of unlawful activity defined in Section 2 (o)(iii) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. Article 51A (b) of the Constitution of India narrates that to ‘cherish and follow’ the noble ideas inspired the freedom struggle is the duty of every citizen of India. Hence Kangana Ranaut’s statement supported and abated by Journalist Navika Kumar amounts to terrorist activity under section 15 of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 and hence for such insensitive, unethical and illegal remark which is an example of constitutional immorality the complaint is filed. We have also demanded that Section 153(b) of IPC r/w S.34 may also be applied while booking offence against the culprits for the statement which is eligible for imputation, assertion and pre-judicial to the national integration and is detrimental to sovereignty and integrity of India.

Separate legal notices have been sent to the owner and board of managers of Times Now channel as well as to journalist Navika Kumar.

Navlakha has also sent a letter to the President of India demanding that the Padmashree awarded to Kangana Ranaut needs to be withdrawn because she is known for her and the anti-democratic and provocative statements and she does not fit into the criteria of receiving the award with dubious character. Taking back the prestigious Padmashree will set a good precedent that every such honoured person needs to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India. 

Through the notice sent by Adv. Asim Sarode and his legal team consisted of Adv. Madan Kurhe, Adv. Ajit Deshpande, Adv. Akshay Desai and Adv. Trunal Tonape also demands that Kangana Ranaut shall tender a written apology within 7 days within receipt of notice for the intentional defamation and unlawful activity committed against the country and freedom fighters so that their client will consider pardoning her. Nilesh Navlakha said that in case he does not get a responsible legal response from Kangana, Times Now channel, Navika Kumar, NBSA, he will take the battle to the High Court in the interest of the integrity of India and to preserve constitutional morality so that no one will attempt to make such irresponsible and foolish statement.