Boys should be sensitized about women security : Pune Police Commissioner Venkatesham

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Pune, December 17, 2019: Bharat Ratna Maharshi Karve established the Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha for the noble work of Women Empowerment through Women Education 124 years ago. Samstha continues to work for this cause.

The women are progressing in all fields. However, they have to face the precarious social conditions – the fact highlighted by the recent Hyderabad incident. On this background, Police Commissioner Dr K Venkatesham guided the students of Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha about personal safety and emergency help measures, on Monday. Around 2500 students were present for the interaction with city police chief.

He spoke in detail about social media, its ill effects and need to be vigilant while sharing personal details and photographs with strangers. He stated that sharing such details and photographs should be avoided as this information never gets deleted and can be misused. He informed about help programs and technology based interventions offered by the police department like track me solution, Damini Pathak, Buddy Cop, Self-protection training programs, police helpline 100.
He urged the students to use these interventions for their security.

The city police chief also explained the helpline no. 100 in detail to the students. Across the city of Pune, around 150 police vehicles patrol throughout the day. In the situation of distress, if any one contacts the police helpline, the help can arrive in 10 minutes. “On an average, we require only 7 minutes to reach the needy citizen. We are striving to even reduce this response time. Hence always remember the help line no. 100”, Venkatesham said.

After the lecture, Venkatesham patiently answered all the curious questions asked by the students. During the question answer session, he said that the boys should be sensitized about the security of women. There is a line while interacting with the opposite sex and this line should never be crossed. Also, the girls have instinctive knowledge about good and bad touch. They should listen to their instincts and be vigilant about their safety. Your mother is the best guide, always listen to her.

For the program, DCP Pournima Gaikwad and DCP Swapna Gore and Chairman of MKSSS Promoad Gorhe, vice-chairman Prof ND Patil, the member of the management committee Vidyatai Deshpande, secretary Dr PVS Shastry, the staff of MKSSS were present on the dias.

A team of trainers for the self-protection techniques demo visited the Samstha today, 17 December. About 500 girls benefitted from this demo.