BREAKING NEWS: From tomorrow all shops except milk closed in these parts of Pune till May 3

Corona Pune
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Pune, April 30, 2020: As the numbers of Coronavirus positive patients are increasing almost by 100 daily, Pune city police today issued an order to make curfew tighter in areas where the number of COVID19 patients is very high. The total number of positive patients in areas under Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has reached about 1500 today.

In his order, Joint Commissioner of Police Ravindra Shishve said that all shops – including those selling grocery, vegetable, fruit, chicken, mutton etc- will be closed from May 1 to May 3. Their home delivery is also not allowed. “In these areas, only milk selling will be allowed for two hours between 10 am to 12 noon. The home delivery of milk will be allowed between 6 am to 10 am. This order is for all areas in three police stations and some parts of seven police stations”, the order stated.

These additional restrictions will be in areas under jurisdictions of police stations Samarth, Khadak, Faraskhana, Swargate, Lashkar, Bundgarden, Sahkarnagar, Duttawadi, Yerwada and Khadki. There is no restriction on milk transport. However, door to door milk delivery and selling of milk at shops are allowed on these three days in the given time. People should maintain social distancing and wear a mask when going to buy milk, else police will send them home and close the shop.

Know about areas where additional restrictions have been imposed in Pune: All areas under Samarth Police Station; All areas under Khadak Police Station; All areas under Faraskhana Police Station; Swargate Police Station – Gultekdi, Maharshinagar slum, Dias Plot, Indiranagar, Khadda slum; Bundgarden Police Station – Tadiwala Road; Duttawadi Police Station – Parvati Darshan area; Yerwada Police Station – Lakshminagar, Gadital, Chitra chowk; Khadki Police Thane- Patil Estate Slum and Irani Vasti Patkar plot, Lashkar police station – New Modikhana, Poona College road, Modikhana Qureshi Masjid area, Bhimpura lane, Babajaan Dargah, Quarter Gate road, Shivaji Market, Sharbatwala Chowk road, Shitaladevi Mandir road, Sahkarnagar police station – Taljai Vasahat and Balajinagar.