Car Tips: Avoid These Mistakes to Preserve Your Electric Car’s Range

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Pune, April 25, 2024 – Electric cars have gained significant popularity globally, with India being no exception. With many companies offering electric vehicles (EVs) boasting enhanced features and range, drivers are keen on maximizing their EV’s capabilities. However, maintaining optimal range can be compromised due to common mistakes. Here’s how to ensure your electric car’s range remains efficient.

Driving at high speeds significantly diminishes the range of electric cars. The accelerated usage not only depletes the battery faster but also risks damaging the motor. Thus, maintaining a controlled speed is crucial for preserving range and ensuring longevity.

Overloading an electric car with excessive luggage or passengers beyond its capacity can lead to decreased range. It’s essential to adhere to the car’s limitations to optimize performance.

Fully draining the battery should be avoided. Charging the battery when it reaches 10 to 20 percent helps maintain its range. However, frequent full discharges can damage the battery and reduce its efficiency over time.

Continuous use of fast chargers can significantly impact the battery’s health and reduce its capacity, ultimately decreasing the car’s range. Utilizing standard chargers whenever possible can extend the battery’s lifespan and maintain optimal range.