Hit the Road in Style: Hyundai Exter vs Tata Altroz

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Pune, 26 April 2024: Size and versatility are two things for which Indian car lovers constantly argue between SUVs and hatchbacks. This never-ending debate now seems to end with the differences highlighted between Altroz and Exter. In this all-encompassing article, you will understand a few significant differences between these cars from the house of Tata and Hyundai. Let’s highlight the Exter and Altroz car price range and features here.

Hyundai Exter vs. Tata Altroz – Top Interior and Exterior Features

South Korean carmakers have been making new headlines in the Indian automobile industry. Ever since it launched the Exter, Hyundai has outshone many of its competitors in the car rivalry. Exter has a bold design philosophy.

Hyundai introduced a new front fascia with the micro-SUV. You won’t get the brand’s signature cascading grill. The new grille comes in a black finish with headlamps and signature H-shaped LED DRLs on the top. Once you step inside, you will be impressed to find an all-black theme. The colour contrast greatly blends in with the exterior design.

Tata brings the exclusive 90-degree opening door technology with Altroz. While that’s this car’s prime USP, other features justify the debate between Exter and Altroz. To compete against Hyundai’s model, Tata brings a cockpit-inspired theme inside the cabin. On the outside, it features a sharp front grille alongside stylish headlamps that complement the design. There are sharp creases in the bonnet that accentuate the sporty look of the front end.

Difference between Altroz and Exter: Dimension-Wise

Planning to buy a car that ensures comfort and usability? You must consider its dimensions. Your car’s size determines how manoeuvrable it is in tight spaces. It also ensures the convenience of parking.

Larger cars come with spacious interiors for drivers and passengers. So they are perfect for family trips. On the other hand, compact cars provide better protection against accidents and can align with your needs. Here’s the detailed information based on the dimensions of both Exter and Altroz:

Parameter Altroz Exter
Length 3990 mm 3815 mm
Width 1755 mm 1710 mm
Height 1523 mm 1631 mm
Wheelbase 2501 mm 2450 mm

Boot Space – A Significant Parameter

Boot space is an important aspect on which you can differentiate two cars while choosing one from the market. When it comes to Exter and Altroz, the following are the things you should note down before purchasing:

Altroz’s boot space differsdepending on the type of fuel. The diesel and petrol variants offer 345 litres. On the other hand, its CNG model comes with 210 litres of boot space while still offering immense space for luggage.

Exter comes with 391 litres of boot space for urban use. So, the roomy compartment can be excellent for storing medium or large-sized luggage, shopping bags, etc. If you plan to visit the supermarket, you can take your car to store your goods. The spacious boot ensures convenience.

So, whether you want to plan for a family outing or a city trip, you need to consider how much luggage you need to store. If you are planning to buy a car for daily commutes, Altroz’s CNG model might be valuable. However, you can consider higher variants of Altroz of Exter for added convenience.

Cost Figures of Exter and Altroz: Which Offers Better Value for Money?
Both Tata and Hyundai have worked excellently out when it comes to safety features. Nonetheless, it still remains unanswered whether Exter matches Altroz’s crashworthiness. While both have significant differences, the ultimate value comes down to the cost figures. If you want to purchase a car on a strict budget, Altroz ensures affordability.

However, if you can go high on your budget, Exter’s top model brings a host of new features that improve your driving and ownership experience. Here’s a rundown of the Tata Altroz and Hyundai Exter on road price range:

Variant Hyundai Exter Tata Altroz
Base Model Rs. 7.29 lakhs Rs. 7.22 lakhs
Top Variant Rs. 10.70 lakhs Rs. 12.53 lakhs
Automatic Rs. 9.23 to Rs. 11.33 lakhs Rs. 8.54 lakhs to Rs. 12.22 lakhs
CNG Rs. 9.50 lakhs to Rs. 10.31 Rs. 9.42 lakhs

Safety Features Included in Exter and Altroz

The safety features included in both are almost similar. However, Exter surpasses Altroz as it comes with six airbags while Altroz has two.

Parameter Altroz Exter
No Of Airbags 2 6
Engine Immobilizer Yes Yes
Traction Control No No
Parking Assistance No No
Child Safety Lock Yes Yes
Door Alarm Warning Yes Yes
Central Locking Yes Yes
Anti-Lock Breaking System Yes Yes
Electronic Brakeforce Distribution Yes Yes
Electronic Stability Program No No
Electronic Brake Assist No No

Final Verdict

Altroz and Exter have received high praise from buyers in their segments for their premium interiors and bold exterior styling. The tech-integrated vehicles are perfect for urban families focusing on value for money. Altogether, Tata and Hyundai have gone a notch higher in their car-making game. To summarise, if you want a spacious and bigger car for family trips, Exter ticks the boxes without being excessively high on the budget. However, if you want a sportier car with performance-oriented features, Altroz simplifies your car-purchasing journey.

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