CBSE Announces Changes in 12th Commerce Exam Answer Sheets for 2024

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New Delhi, 7th October 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made a significant decision regarding the upcoming 12th Commerce examination, signaling a change in the format of answer sheets. Starting this year, the answer sheets for the 12th Commerce examination, particularly on the subject of Accountancy, will no longer feature the familiar printed table that was previously provided. This move aligns the answer sheets for this subject with those of other subjects, streamlining the evaluation process for examiners.

In previous years, the CBSE Accountancy Examination featured a specialized printed table on the answer sheet. However, this practice will now be discontinued, bringing uniformity to the answer sheet format across all subjects. This alteration will apply to the upcoming board examinations scheduled for 2024. As a result, students preparing for the 12th Commerce exam are advised to be aware of this change and adapt their examination strategies accordingly.

Students enrolled in class 12 can access further details and updates on the official CBSE website, Students need to stay informed about these changes to ensure a smooth examination experience.

In a related development, the CBSE Board has extended the deadline for the submission of registration data for students in classes 9th and 11th. Schools are now granted an extension until October 25, 2023, to submit this essential data without incurring late fees. However, schools that miss this extended deadline will still have an opportunity to submit the data, albeit with the imposition of late fees. To avoid these additional charges, schools are strongly advised to promptly provide the required information to the board. It is imperative to note that there will be no further extensions granted, so schools are urged to take this into account when planning their submissions.

The CBSE’s recent decisions aim to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the examination process while offering schools and students the necessary flexibility to meet registration deadlines. As the academic year progresses, all stakeholders need to remain vigilant and informed about the evolving guidelines set by the CBSE.