CBSE Board Gives Options For Practical Work Of Class 9th And 10th Which Can Be Done Using Home Materials  

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Pune, 5th November 2021: Given the continuous delay in teaching and examination-related work during the last two academic years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CBSE has released options for practical work for class 9th and 10th. 

According to the recent circular issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on 29 October 2021, because of the availability of less time for face-to-face interaction with teachers in the year 2021-22, for classes 9th and 10th, instead of ‘guided practical work’, alternative experiments have been prepared by the board. Students can complete these experiments with the help of simple items present at home. 

As per CBSE Board’s Circular on Practical Work for Class 9 and Class 10, the practical work is designed following the same learning outcomes for all Lab-Based Experiments to be conducted in 2021-2022 for Classes 9th and 10th. Along with this, the board in its circular also released the list of practical tasks prepared for class 9th (20 activities) and 10th (22 activities) from the NCERT Lab manual. Students can use these to explore the concepts of science and gain a better understanding. 

Step-by-step guides, videos, and worksheets have also been included with these practical tasks to record the observations of the students as per the notice of the board. For the convenience of the students, a list of the materials required for each experiment has been included along with the options in these material packages. These materials are provided by ThinkTech and are also available on the DIKSHA portal. 

 CBSE Circular and List of NCERT Lab Manuals are given in this link: 


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