CBSE Urges Schools To Ensure Accurate Student Data Submission For Board Examinations

CBSE Headquarters in Delhi
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New Delhi, 20th August 2023: In a recent circular addressed to all principals of schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the board’s Controller of Examinations, Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj, has emphasized the critical importance of providing accurate student information during the submission of the List of Candidates (LOC) for the upcoming class X and XII board examinations.


The LOC is an essential form through which CBSE gathers students’ names and other pertinent details for the purpose of conducting the board examinations. Dr. Bhardwaj’s letter highlights the necessity for schools to meticulously fill in the demographic particulars and the subjects selected by students.


Furnishing precise information in the LOC yields several significant benefits. Firstly, it ensures the seamless conduction of examinations, sparing students from encountering any hurdles prior to the commencement of their exams. Secondly, it ensures the issuance of passing documents with accurate data, thereby averting any potential issues that might arise later due to incorrect information.


The circular underscores an observed trend in which schools and students sometimes inadvertently provide erroneous data during the submission process. This practice leads to a series of complications, such as the need for data correction post-examinations, which could hinder students during admissions and other future endeavors.


The circular underlines two specific areas of concern: incorrect demographic details and inaccurately listed subjects. Providing inaccurate demographic details can result in students needing to rectify these details post-examinations, potentially affecting their admission processes. Similarly, incorrect subject listings can prevent students from being eligible to appear for their exams.


With the commencement of the LOC submission process, the circular serves as a reminder to all schools about the significance of providing accurate data. Dr. Bhardwaj urges schools to thoroughly review LOC Notification No. CBSE/LOC/2023-24/ dated 17/08/2023 before entering students’ information. Additionally, staff entrusted with this task should be well-versed with the guidelines stipulated in the circular to prevent errors. Parents are also encouraged to understand the gravity of accurate data submission and the repercussions of inaccuracies. It’s important to note that subject corrections after the submission of the LOC will not be accommodated.


Notably, the circular emphasizes that no window for data correction will be available once the data is uploaded. Thus, the responsibility of submitting correct information lies squarely with the respective schools. Schools are urged to ensure data accuracy before submitting it to the board.


As the CBSE sets its sights on ensuring a smooth examination process, Dr. Bhardwaj’s circular underscores the shared responsibility of schools, students, and parents in maintaining the integrity of student information for the upcoming board examinations.