Celebrate a healthy Diwali – By Nutritionist Shweta Shah

Paneer Grilled
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EatFit 24/7 & Celebrity Nutritionist Shweta Shah promises you that this festive season you can not only enjoy eating various delicacies but you can also maintain your weight throughout the season with a Diwali diet curated specially for you.

Here are 5 tips that you will thank: 

1. Skipping meals is a big no: 

It can take a big toll on your metabolism rates which you might not really want happening. Having three planned meals will never get you on the wrong side of the Diwali traditions! 

2. One thing at a time: 

Having a lot of Diwali food at the same time means you are harming your health. Have a little amount of the food each time you meet with a new guest. This will not only keep you filled but will also keep your weight on track.

3. Eat this and not that:

Before you start digging in, having a look at this guide for Diwali may help you, your family make the most of the festivities, fun, and of course lots of food.

● 1 bowl of veg clear soup, chicken clear soup, tomato soup can be tried instead of having manchow soup, soup with fried noodles.

● Instead of having samosa, pakoda starters can include grilled mushroom, paneer tikka, baked tacos, steamed momos

Tamoto soup

● The main course can be completed with tandoori roti and whole wheat roti with dal tadka, tava veg gravy, black dal rather than having butter naan, rumali roti with cheesy creamy cashew-based gravy vegetable.

● You can also try veg sizzlers, grilled chicken, 2 idlis with sambhar, hummus with baked falafels

● You can top it off with a dessert like yoghurt with fruits, fresh homemade desi sweets, sugar-free date sweets, fresh fruits instead of eating Bengali sweets, ice cream, Kaju katli.

Eating healthy does not mean you can eat too much, as they still contain calories so please watch the portion you consume.

Nutritionist Shweta Shah