Central Railway Personnel work 14 hours and restore traffic disrupted due to Boulders Falling on Karjat-Lonavala section

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11 July 2019: Central Railway train services were held up due to falling of boulders along with about 150 cubic meters of muck on the middle line between Thakurwadi and Monkey Hill in the Karjat- Lonavala section at 15.20 hrs on 8.7.2019.

One boulder of size 2 mts length, 1.5 mts width & 1.2 mts height fell on Down track bending the rail and thereby rendering both middle and Downline unsafe. A part of the old Canadian fencing along with ST sleepers also fell on the tracks with muck and boulders.

Boulder special train reached the site at 17.00 hrs and after rail replacement, Downline track was operational by 18.00 hrs. Removing the boulders and muck from the middle line was more challenging and after manually removing the boulders and muck the middle track was declared safe at 04.55 hrs of 9.7.2019.

All these operations were done in record time with 2 Senior Divisional Officers, 4 Section Engineers and 100 workmen working for 14 hours at a stretch to restore traffic on the section.

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