Central Railway Registers A Revenue Saving Of Rs.100.82 Crores Though Ticket Checking

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Pune, 14 November 2021: Central Railway has registered a revenue saving of Rs.100.82 crores though ticket checking. CR has detected 17.22 lakh cases of irregular travel for the period from 1st April to 6th November-2021. Also, CR Special Team detected & penalized 29,019 persons for not following Covid19 appropriate behaviour.

Central Railway, in following the Covid-19 protocol as per the Government’s directives and sensitizing the passengers to take all precautions while travelling, has been very prompt and tactful in penalizing the errand passenger, thereby saving a huge revenue loss to Railways.

In terms of earnings Bhusaval division has registered a record revenue saving of Rs. 33.74 crores, followed by Mumbai  division (Rs 33.20 crores),  Nagpur division ( Rs. 16.73 crores ) and 17.15 crores by Solapur, Pune divisions and Headquarters. In terms of cases , Mumbai division penalised to 6.83 lakh cases followed by Bhusaval division (4.68 lakh cases), Nagpur division (2.51 lakh cases) & Solapur, Pune divisions (3.20 lakh cases).

During the period 1.4.2021 to 06.11.2021, special teams of ticket checking personnel detected and penalized a total of 29,019 cases of non-compliance of covid-19 appropriate behaviour. A total of 23,816 cases of passengers not wearing masks/face covers and 5,203 cases of people not allowed to travel as per covid-19 guidelines were detected and an amount of Rs.39.68 lakhs and Rs.26.02 lakhs respectively were realized as a fine.

Central Railway in its endeavour to provide better services to bonafide rail users and also to curb ticketless travel, has regularly conducts intensive campaigns against ticketless and irregular travel in suburban and non-suburban / Mail Express special trains in accordance with Government guidelines and following Covid19 appropriate behaviour.  It is also worth mentioning that while performing their duties, the conduct of Ticket Checking Staff of Central Railway have led to reduction in complaints. They have also exhibited their humane side by uniting lost children with their parents on numerous occasions.

Central Railway appeals to the passengers to travel with proper and valid railway tickets in order to avoid inconvenience