Children’s Dreams about NIBM Road

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“I want to breathe freely “said a six year old. Another school-goer added “I want to go to shop without afraid of getting hit by a vehicle”. These were the words spoken by youngsters during the prize distribution function held by   NIBM Road Residents Forum (NRRF) last Sunday at Rose Parade Society.

NRRF had conducted a poster competition for school children in NIBM area on the theme ‘Your Dreams about NIBM Road’. Creativity of children showed up very well as seen from the various   colourful posters made by the young fingers.  Though the organisers were planning to conduct the competition only for children studying in Std V and above, keenness from tiny tots made them agree to open it out for all. It was heart-warming to see these small children not only participating in the competition but also coming up without fear to the stage and talking freely about their ideas. Cleanliness was the underlying theme in most of the posters.  Almost everyone in the audience felt that the future is safe in the hands of these ‘young dreamers’.

The prize winners were : Group-A : Sakina (First); Zahabiya( Second) ; Leisha ( Third) ;Group-B: Sanjana(First), Priyansh(Second), Gayatri ( Third) ; Group-C : Dhruv (First), Shuvie( Second); Poorvi (Third) ;  Prizes were given away by Ms. Sathya Mani, Chairperson, NRRF.

 Following children came up to speak at the function:  Poorvi, Sanjana, Dhruv, Gayatri, Shuvie and Priyansh .