CII Pune organises CII Manufacturing Excellence Summit

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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Pune had organized the 1st Edition of “CII Manufacturing Excellence Summit” today in Pune.  

Mr Farhad Forbes, Co- Charirman – Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd who delivered the keynote address congratulated CII for creating this platform which explored various approaches to the Manufacturing. He mentioned we have some of the finest manufacturing companies based in India doing exemplary quality production. What we witness today is very simplified manufacturing policies which was not the case 25 years back. He also spoke about focusing on Technology innovation mentioned that India should focus on increased investment in in-house R&D in all areas of manufacturing and also in Public Research, educational institutions etc. for overall growth and development. While referring to India’s manufacturing potential, he stated that there is an urgent need to focus on skill based and capital intensive economy which will help India a manufacturing hub. He mentioned India will continue to be one of the top 10 fastest growing economies of the world.

Mr Shishir Joshipura, Chairman, CII Pune Zonal Council and Managing Director SKF Ltd spoke Innovation creates new opportunities for manufacturing and the growth of the industry. What make you unique? And if you are unique you will become no1. He mentioned about we have strength but the question is how do we build on those strengths and improve upon areas that need improvement. We have to realise that the industry cannot ask for protection. Because the more protective we become the world will react in the same way. Our strength comes from competitiveness and not from protection. India benefits from essentially being more competitive.

Dr Sarita Nagpal, Principal Adviser, CII – said that ‘The dynamic global economic scenario has thrown up various opportunities and challenges to the MSME sector in India. The entrepreneurial spirit can create a number of competitions, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) make a significant contribution to the Indian economy. Government in building the competitiveness of Indian industry and especially that of the MSME in manufacturing sectors. CII is instrumental in bringing best practices to the country and is devising “Indian Manufacturing way through the Cluster approach”.

Mr Viren Joshi, Convenor, CII Forum on Operational Excellence and CEO & President Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp spoke Indian Manufacturing Industry is at the crossroads. To realize the dream of Make in India, we need thinkers who will create disruptive business models of engagement and become globally competitive. We need to create a marketplace where manufacturing enterprises (from suppliers, OEMs, and companies to supply chains) are fully integrated and adaptive to the plethora of changes in the manufacturing Sector. To achieve continued success in the sector at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, we at CII Forum of Operational Excellence believe that there are three crucial factors to be addressed: Continued innovation through Smart Manufacturing to Prepare for Industry 4.0, focus on skilled workforce and more public-private partnerships. H

Mr Pallab De, Partner – Operations Consulting, Pwc spoke Manufacturing has come a long way in just a few short years. Today businesses evolve and thrive in a changing world, where disruptive technologies and talent challenges are taking center stage.

Mr Nitin Chalke, Vice Chairman – CII Pune Zonal Council and Managing Director, Eaton Technologies Pvt Ltd also addressed the session and spoke as we enter the fourth industrial revolution and the role of technology increases, the skill set needed to work in the manufacturing industry increases – but many workers don’t get the chance to learn new skills and fill the void. As early as four years ago, the skills gap left 10 million manufacturing jobs worldwide that cannot be filled, and that number seems only to have increased since. The implications of such a shortage are significant; they can have a material impact on both workers’ employment and incomes, and manufacturers’ growth and profitability.

The session was well attended by 120 participants from across industries.