Citizens’ Wrath Looms as Electricity Woes Paralyze Bhosari: MLA Landge Issues Warning

mahesh landge
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Pimpri, 30th May 2023: The administration’s irresponsible handling of electricity problems in Bhosari and the surrounding areas has sparked outrage among citizens. In a stern warning, BJP city president and MLA Mahesh Landge has threatened to lead a citizens’ movement if the electricity supply is not restored within 24 hours.


Interestingly, MLA Landge took the initiative to call the state Deputy Chief Minister and Energy Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, during a meeting to address the issue. The officials’ arbitrary actions have resulted in immense suffering for the citizens, prompting the Deputy Chief Minister’s office to sever ties with the management of MSEDCL.


“Common citizens are facing electricity problems due to the procrastination of MSEDCL officials. The necessary works have been proposed, and the District Planning Committee has been instructed to prepare a proposal. We expect the repair works to be completed promptly before the onset of monsoon. We hope the administration takes a positive stance on this matter. Otherwise, citizens’ wrath cannot be ignored,” warned Landge.


The areas of Moshi, Gavane Vasti, Bhosari Village, Chakrapani Colony, and Indrayaninagar have been experiencing frequent power cuts. In light of this, MLA Landge stormed into the MSEDCL office, demanding urgent action.


A meeting was promptly held at the Bhosari Power House office, attended by Pune District Superintending Engineer Satish Rajdeep, Executive Engineers Uday Bhosale, Datta Gavane, Yogesh Londhe, Samrat Phuge, Shivraj Landge, Dinesh Yadav, Nikhil Kalkute, along with officials and local citizens.


During the meeting, MLA Landge put the concerned officials and employees on notice. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the deliberate power problems in Bhosari persisting for the past two years. Despite numerous requests and complaints, the MSEDCL officials have been unresponsive and rude, leaving the citizens shocked and wondering where to turn for help. The recent gusty winds and heavy rainfall on Monday further disrupted the power supply, with outages lasting until Tuesday afternoon. Consequently, citizen complaints escalated dramatically, leading MLA Landge to convene the meeting at the Mahavitaran office.


The meeting addressed various problems faced by the citizens, including frequent power interruptions, low voltage supply causing damage to household appliances, delays in repair work by MSEDCL employees and officials, and rude responses when citizens filed complaints. The officials have promised to take prompt action and approach the issue with a positive mindset.