City hospital starts Pune’s first training course of  Unicondylar Knee Replacement Surgery for surgeons 

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Pune, September 3, 2018: With an aim to spread awareness regarding latest medical advancements, lifestyle friendly treatment at reasonable cost, for arthritis and to create mindfulness amongst doctors to opt for partial knee replacement over total knee replacement, city hospital started first of its kind training in Unicondylar knee replacement also known as partial knee replacement surgery for senior orthopaedic surgeons from Maharashtra and India. ONP Tulip Hospital has emerged as centre of excellence for arthritis care hosting the very first training session today.

The one-day session took place under the guidance of Prof. Phil Hirst, President, European Knee Association, England and Dr. Pavan Kohli, leading orthopaedic surgeon who has over 500 partial knee replacements to his credit. . A total of 25 senior orthopaedic surgeons and practitioners from all over Maharashtra participated in the session. While Prof. Phil Hirst enlightened the audience with the design perspective, Dr. Pavan Kohli performed the live surgery and emphasized practical Pearl’s & Pitfalls. He also displayed some innovative instruments he has developed for Unicondylar Knee Replacement.

While talking about the benefits of partial knee replacement surgery, Dr. Kohli highlighted that, “The only motto to start these training sessions is to develop cognizance towards the surgery which is nature friendly with longer lasting results for the patients. It is holistic approach to health. The benefits range from being 25-30% cheaper to total knee replacement, small incision, faster rehabilitation, regaining natural range of movement.”

Kohli further mentioned that patients to get 1 day discharge, mobilisation and walking within hours of surgery, permission to squat and sit cross legged on floor, patients can comfortably bicycle, swim, exercise, trek and the replaced joint is expected to last close to 20 years.

Explaining further Dr Phil Hirst added, “All important ligaments inside the knee alongwith their nerve supply is preserved making it nature friendly, just a thumb long incision and complete pain relief with major step towards positive self dependant life in all elderly.”

Dr Pavan Kohli reiterated, “It’s a simple, nature friendly and nature conserving surgery where normal parts of knee are preserved and only the diseased replaced. It has excellent results worldwide, Quick recovery and long durability. Why complicate matters with larger implants, bigger surgeries, and over hyped and complex machinery. Ultimately its patient who bears the cost,” said Dr Pavan Kohli.