Clients Demand Office-based Projects, Infosys Responds With Flexible Work Arrangements

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New Delhi, 29th June 2023: According to a senior company official, Infosys is providing its employees with flexible options to work either from home or from the office. However, some clients have started demanding that their projects be handled specifically from the office. During the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the company, Infosys CEO and Managing Director, Salil Parekh, responded to a shareholder’s query by stating that in the future, there will be a greater need for social capital, where people will need to connect for various purposes such as training and undertaking new initiatives.

Parekh further explained, “We have implemented a flexible approach for our employees, ensuring that they have the choice to work from home or follow a hybrid model. In certain cases, where clients require it, we have employees and teams working from our office campuses. Looking ahead, we anticipate a combination of work settings, where increased social capital will be necessary to connect with colleagues and collaborate in teams to undertake new projects.”

Infosys currently employs approximately 340,000 individuals. The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Nilanjan Roy, supported Parekh’s perspective, stating, “We encourage our employees to work from the office on a few designated days, as we believe this enhances our social capital. However, the extent of this arrangement depends largely on our clients’ requirements. If clients insist, our employees come into the office to work.”

Addressing another shareholder’s question regarding business operations in South America and the Middle East, Parekh mentioned that Infosys has a presence in both regions, but their revenue contribution is currently quite low. He expressed the company’s intention to focus more on the Middle East, as they foresee significant opportunities in that market and aim to scale up their operations accordingly.