CM Eknath Shinde Lauds Pune Police Commissioner for Crackdown on Hooliganism and Drug Trade

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Pune, 27 June 2024: Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde commended Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar on Thursday for his robust actions against hooliganism and drug peddling in the city. Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Shinde highlighted Kumar’s effective measures in curbing these issues and praised his efforts.

“Kumar has significantly reduced hooliganism in the city and is doing an excellent job,” Shinde stated. “I have instructed him to use bulldozers to demolish any hotel or structure near colleges or other areas found selling drugs. Additionally, I have directed him to identify, arrest, and imprison drug peddlers and their main suppliers.”

The chief minister noted that Pune police have already initiated these actions. “I have also emphasized to the CP that this drive must continue until Pune is entirely free from drugs. The government is taking similar actions across the state to combat these issues,” Shinde added.

On Wednesday, Police Chief Amitesh Kumar addressed the media, reiterating the police department’s commitment to maintaining law and order. “We will take exemplary action against individuals involved in illegal activities or those attempting to disrupt peace in the city. We urge the public to refrain from engaging in illegal activities such as drug use or other efforts to disturb the tranquility of Pune,” Kumar stated.