CMP Degree College Raises Awareness on World Biodiversity Day

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Prayagraj, 23 May 2024: The Botany Department of CMP Degree College organized various programs today in observance of World Biodiversity Day. MSc and BSc students participated in activities such as a poster-making competition, oral presentations, essay writing, and plant identification.


Principal Dr. Ajay Prakash Khare educated the students on biodiversity. Dr. Sarita Srivastava praised the students, and Dr. Deepak Kumar Gond explained the theme of World Biodiversity Day, “Be Part of the Plan.”


Winners of the oral presentation were:

– 1st Place: Raunak

– 2nd Place: Harshi Agarwal and Sudhanshu Shukla

– 3rd Place: Nar Narayan


Winners of the essay writing competition were:

– 1st Place: Shweta Mishra and Anurag Mishra

– 2nd Place: Anjali Sharma and Smriti Prabha Sahu

– 3rd Place: Khushboo Giri


Winners of the poster presentation were:

– 1st Place: Ruchi Tripathi

– 2nd Place: Akanksha Bhartiya and Ankita Kushwaha

– 3rd Place: Harshi Agarwal and Afsana


Winners of the plant identification competition were:

– 1st Place: Ankita Kushwaha and Anurag Mishra

– 2nd Place: Shweta Mishra and Raunak Gupta

– 3rd Place: Ruchi Tripathi


In attendance were Principal Dr. Ajay Prakash Khare, Department Head Dr. Sarita Srivastava, Dr. Deepak Kumar Gond, Dr. Alok Kumar Singh, Dr. Yashwant Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh, and Dr. Manju Srivastava. Also present were Dr. Rohit Kumar and Dr. Atul from the Physics Department, and Dr. Babita Agarwal and Dr. Vishal Kumar from the Chemistry Department, along with research students Swapnil Anand, Ruchi Mani, Rahul Soni, and Sweety Sahu.