Consumers Turn To Indian Foods For Boosting Immunity This Season

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National, August 24, 2020: While the monsoon sets in across most parts of India, consumers are reported to have increased their consumption of spices and Indian foods with an aim to boost their immunity. This increase in focus on safety, health, and immunity is particularly as a precautionary measure to tackle the on-going pandemic as per a recent Nielsen report. Consumers have been using turmeric to prepare various Indian immunity boosting drinks such as haldi doodh and kaadha at home, which are common age-old home-remedies known to build immunity. Turmeric and other spices which have been in demand among consumers such as pepper, ginger, garlic, Indian basil, mint, etc. are known to have antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which can help keep diseases away during the monsoon.

Among the Indian spices growing in demand, turmeric in particular has seen exponential growth as e-commerce platforms registered 40% increase in sales over the past few months. A Nielsen report also stated that safety and immunity habits will remain embedded among­­­ a very high proportion of consumers for the next six months.

Speaking on the trend of immunity-building food consumption during this monsoon, Kavita Devgan, Nutrition Expert at Tata Sampann said, “Indian way of nutrition integrates nutritious power-packed foods into one’s diet such that it not only helps to improve immunity but also ensures sarvagunn sampann health. Simple home cooked food always scores high on health and aids to overall wellness and nutrition. While it is good that people are focusing on strengthening immunity, it is also important to choose the right kind of foods to help prevent monsoon ailments. For instance, turmeric sourced from Salem that has natural oils intact and 3% curcumin which is very essential for building immunity gives you sarvagunn sampann goodness. Similarly, instead of relying on highly processed lentils that are stripped of nutrients, opt for branded unpolished dals to score high on protein and definitely eat two servings of lentils every day. These small conscious choices go a long way in one’s overall well-being.”