Controversy Surrounds Pit Bull Incidents Sparking Calls for Breed Ban in Pune

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Pune, 5th February 2024: Over the past three months, Pune has been rocked by three separate pit bull terrier incidents, reigniting the debate over whether these muscular dogs should be permitted as pets. The escalating concerns have led to growing demands for a ban on breeding such aggressive animals, mirroring steps taken by other Indian cities.


Critics argue that pit bulls, known for their ferocity, have been involved in fatal attacks globally. Some residents are urging Pune’s authorities to follow the example of cities that have prohibited pit bulls as pets. However, passionate pit bull owners counter these claims, emphasizing their dogs’ intelligence, loyalty, and friendliness, asserting aggression only surfaces when the owner feels threatened.


In a recent Shahu Colony incident in Lakshmi Nagar, a pit bull attacked a man who accidentally caused ash to fall on its owner during a bonfire. Severe injuries ensued, prompting legal action against the dog owner, Aditya Nitin Andekar. Additional incidents, including an attack on police officers and a leash control altercation, have raised concerns.


A petition filed in the high court seeks a ban on “dangerous” dog breeds, including pit bulls, American bulldogs, and rottweilers. The court has directed authorities to compile a comprehensive record, highlighting the importance of promoting local dog breeds.


Amid the unfolding controversy, legal actions under section 289 of the Indian Penal Code 1860 have been initiated against owners involved in such incidents. Penalties include imprisonment up to six months, a fine of Rs 1,000, or both.