Misuse of Section 155: Many Unauthorized Orders By Tehsildars Exposed in Pune Division

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Pune, 5th February 2024: In a recent office inspection, it has come to light that Tehsildars in Pune Division issued a significant number of unauthorized orders under Section 155 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966. Section 155 empowers Tehsildars to correct manuscript errors in passages seven to twelve, but the investigation revealed misuse of this authority.

Over the past ten years, a staggering 50,432 orders were issued under Section 155 in Pune Division. Among these, 46,577 were handwritten amendment orders. Shockingly, 2,051 orders were issued without proper authority by Tehsildars.

The unauthorized orders encompass various categories, including 113 orders for new conditions, 90 orders under tribal law, 12 orders for levies, 292 orders for the registration of heirs, 291 orders for sale and purchase, 497 orders for vacant notes in other rights, and 69 orders for reduction of encumbrances in other rights. Additionally, 407 orders were made for rectifications to comments filed under any Act.

This revelation follows complaints from people’s representatives alleging misconduct by Tehsildars, prompting the government to order an investigation by the divisional commissioner. The findings expose malpractices in the five districts of Pune Division—Pune, Satara, Sangli, Solapur, and Kolhapur.

The breakdown of the orders issued for the years 2013 to 2023 is as follows:

– Pune District:
– Number of Orders Passed: 19,611
– Rectification Orders: 11,640
– Other Orders (excluding Hand Defects): 837

– Satara District:
– Number of Orders Passed: 10,691
– Rectification Orders: 10,433
– Other Orders (excluding Hand Defects): 93

– Sangli District:
– Number of Orders Passed: 4,619
– Rectification Orders: 3,742
– Other Orders (excluding Hand Defects): 545

– Solapur District:
– Number of Orders Passed: 11,196
– Rectification Orders: 10,806
– Other Orders (excluding Hand Defects): 397

– Kolhapur District:
– Number of Orders Passed: 4,315
– Rectification Orders: 4,136
– Other Orders (excluding Hand Defects): 179

The unauthorized issuance of orders raises concerns about the misuse of powers granted under Section 155. The government’s directive to investigate and rectify these discrepancies underscores the importance of maintaining transparency and integrity in administrative processes.