Corona Vaccine: 23 People Died After Receiving Corona Vaccine In Norway, Questions Raised On Pfizer Vaccine

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Norway, January 15, 2021: A large-scale vaccination campaign is underway against the coronavirus epidemic in many countries around the world. After receiving approval for several vaccines, questions have been raised about the Pfizer vaccine. In fact, 23 people who have been vaccinated in Norway have died so far. Most of these people were elderly. Corona vaccination began four days prior to the New Year in Norway. So far more than 33 thousand people have been vaccinated.

Those who died in Norway took their first dose of the vaccine, after which their health deteriorated. The government says that vaccination can be quite risky for those who are sick and elderly. Of the 23 people who died, 13 people have been confirmed to have died from the vaccine, while others are under investigation in the case of death. According to the Norwegian Medicine Agency, 13 have been reported so far, suggesting that the common side effect caused severe reactions in sick, elderly people. There have been 29 cases of side effects due to the vaccine.

Death toll above 80 years: In Norway, people who die after vaccination are quite elderly. All the dead are above 80 years of age and many of them have crossed 90 years. The elderly people died in nursing homes. Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicine Agency, says it appears that some of these patients had side effects such as fever and later turned into a serious illness, which led to their deaths.

Chinese experts suggested not to use Pfizer vaccine: At the same time, China’s health experts have suggested to Norway and other countries that wherever Pfizer’s vaccine is being administered to elderly people, it should be stopped. Experts have attributed the cause of this to 23 deaths due to vaccine in Norway. A Chinese immunologist stated that the new vaccine being developed in a hurry was never used extensively for the prevention of infectious coronavirus. Due to this, cases of deaths have been coming up.