Coronavirus : All trains cancelled, except goods train till March 31

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Pune, March 22, 2020: Rajesh Dutt Bajpai, Executive Director (Information & Publicity), Ministry of Railways, said, “No train except goods train will run up to March 31. However bare minimum Suburban services and Kolkata metro Rail service will continue to run till 2400 hrs on 22.03.2020, thereafter these services will also be stopped till 2400 hrs of 31.03.2020.”

Railway Board Jt Director AP Singh writes all zonal railway managers

“In continuation of the measures taken in the wake of COVID-19, it has been decided that the cancellation of all passenger train services on Indian Railways and Konkan Railway shall be extended till the 2400 hours of 31.03.2020 as follows: –

(a) All originating long-distance Mail/Express and Intercity trains (including premium trains) and all originating passenger trains shall remain cancelled till 2400 hours of 31.03.2020;

(b) As advised earlier, suburban trains and trains of Metro Railway, Kolkata shall be continued at bare minimum level until 2400 hours of 22.03.2020. Thereafter, all suburban trains and trains of Metro Railway, Kolkata shall be totally cancelled from 2400 hours of 22.03.2020 to 2400 hours of 31.03.2020; and

(c) Trains which had commenced their journey prior to 0400 hours of 22.03.2020 will run up to their destinations.

(d) Freight operations shall continue.

Zonal Railways are advised to ensure strict adherence to the above instructions. Arrange wide publicity through print and electronic media. Information regarding cancellations should be communicated to passengers through SMSs. Confirm action taken.”

4 more Coronavirus positive patients in Pune

Today four more persons have been found positive and with this the total number of Coronavirus positive patients has increased to 28 in Pune district.

In Maharashtra the total number has reached 74 while a total of 334 persons are affected across India. About 3 lakhs people have been found positive in 170 countries, while about 13,000 have died of the deadly Coronavirus.

Till now five persons have died including two from Mumbai in Maharashtra. A 63-year-old patient died on last night.

Meanwhile, Janta curfew as appealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received massive response with people have remained inside their homes.

It is expected that Railways may cancel trains for few more days.

All the people have to come together to confront the Corona breakout in the state. People should not get crowded at public places in large number to avoid the infection of Novel COVID-19. They should stay at home. This appeal was made by Chief Minister Mr Thackeray. He also urged the establishments not to deduct the salary of contractual and temporary employees.

Meanwhile, the labour department has appealed to all the establishments and business houses to positively respond to the chief minister’s appeal. Labour commissioner Dr Mahendra Kalyankar had instructed all the labour deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners, labour officers to ask all the establishments under their jurisdiction not to deduct the salaries of the daily wages, contractual and temporary employees, adding that such labours should not be stripped off their jobs. All the establishments, companies are also appealed that they should help the government in this challenging situation and if any employee goes on leave, his salary should not be deducted.
If any area is infected by Corona and the outbreak is experienced, the entire area can be closed down. In such a situation, it should be considered that the labor and other assisting workers are on duty. If any labor is stripped off from the job his entire family will have to bear the financial problems and this in turn can affect the fight against Corona outbreak and he can be morally depressed so the establishments and companies should consider the appeal seriously, Dr Kalyankar added.