Coronavirus: Aundh-Baner Ward officer issues Dos and Don’ts for housing societies

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, July 17, 2020: With the number of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) cases rapidly increasing in the Aundh-Baner ward, Assistant Municipal Commissioner Jaydeep Pawar has appealed housing society members to take strict preventive measures to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak.


In his letter, Pawar stated, “It is observed that the infection of COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. The housing society members should screen every person entering the society’s premises with the help of pulse oximeter and thermal gun.”


He further instructed, “A person whose O2 saturation level is below 94 should be directed to be examined by the municipal hospitals or private doctors for further investigation. Members should also monitor the senior citizen of society and children below the age of 10 years. Their daily record should be maintained.”


Free facilities for swab testing has also been provided at Dropadabai Khedekar Hospital, Bopodi, the officer informed.


“All the housing society members are requested to provide information about patients in their society who are hospitalized for illnesses other than COVID 19 at [email protected]  so that further help can be made by analyzing this information”, stated Pawar. 


He also mentioned the necessity of physical distancing in the society’s premises and the usage of masks to be mandatory within the premises as well.