Coronavirus: Bombay High Court extends interim orders until April 30, stays all eviction, demolition and dispossession orders

Bombay High Court

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Mumbai, March 27, 2020: The Bombay High Court on Thursday (March 26) passed an order extending the life of all interim orders passed by courts, tribunals in the State until April 30, in view of the pan-India lockdown prompted by the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Bench of Chief Justice BP Dharmadhikari and Justices AA Sayed, SS Shinde and KK Tated in their order stated:

“As the lock down is now declared till 14.04.2020, normal working of this court at least till then is not possible. As the staff is not available, files cannot be made over to court. As local transport is shut down, lawyers and litigants are finding it difficult to approach the court.

In this situation, we find it appropriate to continue all interim orders which are operating till today and are not already continued by some other courts / authority including this court and the same shall remain in force till 30.04.2020, subject to liberty to parties to move for vacation of interim orders only in extreme urgent cases.

Thus, all interim orders passed by this High Court at Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Panaji as also all courts/Tribunal and authorities subordinate over which it has power of superintendence expiring before 30.04.2020, shall continue to operate till then. It is clarifed that such interim orders which are not granted for limited duration and therefore, are to operate till further orders, shall remain unaffected by this order.

Orders or decree for eviction, dispossession, demolition already passed by any court/Tribunal/Authority shall also remain in abeyance till then.

Considering the prevalent shut down and other issues, we hope that Government as also municipal authorities and other agencies or instrumentalities shall also be slow in taking any coercive steps so as to drive the citizen to court of law in the meantime.”

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