Coronavirus Lockdown: Now you cannot buy Petrol, Diesel in Pune

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Pune, March 24, 2020: Pune District Collector Naval Kishore Ram today issued an order prohibiting the sale of petrol and diesel in the district.


As per the order, exemption has been given to those engaged in essential services, those involved in Coronavirus control, those involved in production of essential goods and persons needing medical assistance.


Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has said that police have been given complete free hand of action for the implementation of such decisions like ‘State Blockade, District Blockade and Communication Block’ so that corona infection can be prevented.


He said that the supply of essential commodities like vegetables, fruits, milk, groceries and food items will be kept intact and permanent in nature. Citizens should not rush to buy the same. The Deputy Chief Minister also urged that every citizen should take the responsibility to keep himself safe from the threat of ‘Corona’ virus.


Despite the ban on communication in the state, it is seen that some citizens are rushing to buy in the market. Citizens are taking to the streets with vehicles without proper reason. This increases the risk of Corona infection. The health department of the state, police department, Mahanagar palikas, municipalities, local government bodies, administration officials and staff are all risking their lives to perform their duties. They are facing the threat to get rid of the corona infection. They are facing the threat sothat the people in every house of the state are free from Corona infection. The Deputy Chief Minister urged the people that they should cooperate with the efforts of the government by keeping restraint.


It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect himself and his family from the ‘Corona’ infection. Recognizing the seriousness of ‘Corona , everyone should remain at home and cooperate. Fortunately, the spread of ‘corona’ in the state is still limited. Saying that some of the affected people have become free of ‘Corona’ after treatment, the Deputy Chief Minister also urged that everyone in the state should remain at home and contribute to fight against ‘Corona’.


Points of Deputy CM’s appeal…

* Strict implementation of State Blockade, district blockade, communication ban.
* Complete free hand to the police for implementation
* Citizens should cooperate by remaining at home. Don’t rush to the market for shopping.
* Intact supply of vegetables, fruits, groceries, and essential commodities.
* It is the responsibility of the government to keep the supply of essential commodities intact.
* Agricultural Produce Market Committee Intake will be maintained
* The goods of the farmers, the vegetable and fruit- growing farmers will come to the market and they will not be in loss
* Health officials, employees, police in the state are working well.
* Measures started to enable the health system , the work of increasing the number of ventilators began on war footing.
* Criminal cases will be filed and guilty will be imprisoned for unauthorized storage and black marketing of masks, sanitizers, medicines, essential commodities.