Coronavirus : This Pune organisation distributing free sanitizers to needy

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Pune, March 18, 2020: When many businessmen are stocking and selling things costlier than normal and some people are buying way too much that stocks are running out in most of markets, there is a team who had been doing good for humanity and is yet again on ground proving their dedication to make mankind win.

The active Humanitarians from Ninebee foundation are on ground again’, this time with new ways to help the people in need.

They are distributing the anti-virus kits like hand sanitizers, hand wash, other basic medicines and tissues for free to those in need.

Mrs Guneet, the co-founder and a govt employee, said, “Worrying and taking stress won’t help here, we need to negate the negativity and being positivity to fight back corona. We will do all possible measures to ensure we all fight back with full force, we will try and spread awareness and send basic kits to all in need.”

Their active contribution is helping many primarily the senior citizens, disabled people and others who are underprivileged to get access to basic hygiene and other medicines.

The other founder member, Amarpreet Singh Ninebee said, “Because we all know the problem, what we need is the solution now. Hence we are working with the team of doctors and volunteers to spread awareness and sending kits to remotest areas.”

He also thanked to all Humanitarians across the globe, who are taking active steps in this phase of need. That’s how it should be. Together we can win any battle and we will definitely win this war over virus.

If you need free kits, Whatsapp the details on phone number 8007776088 and also ping on same number if you want to contribute hand sanitizers and other similar things to them.

Support the cause, Support each other, Little kindness is all we need 🙂