Corps of Military Police Celebrates 83rd Raising Day

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Pune, 18th October 2022: The Corps of Military Police, an epitome of discipline and character, be it in war or peace, having completed 82 years of yeoman service celebrated their  83rd Raising Day on 18 October 2022.


The force has proved its worth in all the wars fought by India both pre and post-independence. Be it guidance to advancing force, management of Prisoner of War Camps, traffic management, various ceremonial activities and piloting the VIP convoys during peace, the force has evolved from strength to strength. The Corps has been the very first to induct women soldiers in the Army. The women soldiers will prove to be professionally competent members of the Corps and their professional performance will be a benchmark for their future employment in the Indian Army. The personnel of the Corps have risen admirably to all challenges in the past and they will continue to perform professionally in the future as well.


The Corps has been rendering invaluable service in the upkeep of good order and military discipline and strengthening the moral fabric of the Army. It has closely monitored the changing social dynamics impacting the organization and works towards finding pragmatic solutions to maintain optimal standards of discipline, continued reverence of the rich cultural ethos of the Army and an enviable internal health of the organization. The Corps has proven their motto of “Seva Tatha Sahayata” while performing their duties both in peace and operational areas.