Couple buys bus from PF money to help girls reach college safely

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29th OCT 2018 Churi, Rajasthan: A couple from Rajasthan bought a bus from their provident fund (PF) to help college girls reach campus fater and secure.

Paediatrician Dr Rameshwar Prasad Yadav and his wife Tarawati thought of this idea two years back when they were driving to their village in Churi, Rajathan and saw four girls standing in the rain waiting for the bus to their college in Kotputli. The couple offered them lift and came to knew, while conversing, that these girls went to a college in Kotputli, about 18 Kms away. They had to walk 3-6 kms daily to reach the bus stop and on their way they were teased by boys.

The couple was quite moved by their story. After reaching home his wife asked him if they could do something.The doctor replied with another question: “If our own daughter was alive today, how much would we have spent on her education and wedding?”

“Around 20 Lakhs” she replied.

So they decided to buy a bus. Yadav being a Government doctor took 17 lakh from his Provident Fund-almost 3/4th of total-added 2 lakh from his savings and bought a Tata Starbus.

The bus now provides the girls of Churi and other nearby villages in Rajasthan’s Jaipur district. Yadav called those four girls to inaugrate it.

“After our daughter’s death, there was a sense of loss. But now there’s feeling of fulfillment.”

The couple lost their six-months old daughter in 1976. After that they had three sons but longed for a daughter.
Now the couple says they have fifty daughters and these girls can now go to the college peacefully without any discomfort. Their parents are relieved as well who earlier only sent them if necessary.

The bus has been named “Nishulk Beti Vahini”.

Now the girls have nice percentage of attendence and save money as well.
Aman Verma BA second year student, Kotputli’s Shrimati Pana Devi Girls College,says she saves Rs 40 every day and that her attendence has also doubled!!