Cracking Down On Gangs: Pune Police Commissioner Uses ‘MCOCA Strategy’ To Curb Criminal Activities, 50th Action Taken

Ritesh Kumar Pune Police Commissioner
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Mubarak Ansari
Pune, 20th August 2023: To effectively combat the reign of terror instilled by criminal gangs, the police have adopted an innovative approach known as the ‘MCOCA’ strategy. Since January of this year, 297 criminals belonging to 50 different gangs have been charged under the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA). The stringent law makes it difficult for gang members to get bail.

The concerted efforts by Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr and Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Karnik have taken the organized gangs by surprise, marking the 50th successful implementation of the MCOCA initiative.

Instances of gangs assaulting citizens and wreaking havoc by vandalizing vehicles with knives and swords have surfaced in various parts of the city. In response, stringent measures have been taken by the police to address the notorious ‘Koyta Gang’ and other similar groups. Commissioner of Police Retesh Kumaarr and Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Karnik have issued directives to police officers, urging them to take robust action against criminal elements within their jurisdictions.

Furthermore, strict action has been taken, including suspension, against senior inspectors who failed to take decisive action against criminals. The current approach involves invoking ‘MCOCA’ action by examining the past criminal records of gang members whenever a gang’s involvement is suspected in a particular area.

The Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) comes into play in cases involving severe crimes such as armed intimidation of citizens, attempted murder, grave bodily harm, illegal possession of firearms, property damage, and disobeying police orders. Bail in such cases typically requires a waiting period of one and a half to two years.

The 50th ‘MCOCA’ operation targeted the Dhanori gang, resulting in the booking of Abhishek Ramesh Tambe (21, Dhanori resident), Sumit Nagesh Langde (25, Indiranagar, Lohgaon Road resident), and Prajjwal Prashant Shinde (18, Dhanori Road resident) under the ‘MCOCA’ Act. The accused were charged with stabbing a young man and causing him injury. Multiple charges, including murder, attempted murder, and extortion, have been lodged against them.

Additionally, under the Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Slumlords Bootleggers & Drug Offenders Act, colloquially known as the ‘MPDA’ Act, 40 criminals in the city have been incarcerated for a year. Offenders who disrupt public order, commit attempted murder, robbery, theft, molestation, inflict injuries, carry illegal weapons, or spread terror among citizens face consequences under the ‘MPDA’ Act. Those booked are imprisoned for a one-year term in any state jail.