Create Fabulous, Seamless and Memorable Celebrations With The Viral Party

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Viral Party is all about so many incredible and breathtaking get-togethers with some very special people. The objective is to turn ideas into reality and events that truly rock.

Someone said that Good parties create a temporary youthfulness. And if the party is full of fun and frolic and new ideas, it results in a new vitality.
That newness in parties that results in bringing people together and celebrate together is the magic that The Viral Party aims to create. Viral Party is all about so many incredible and breathtaking get-togethers with some very special people. The objective is to turn ideas into reality and events that truly rock. The Man behind the concept of The Viral Party is Ankoor R Pasari who himself has travelled around the globe.

All this is done through innovative ideas, scrupulous planning and attention to detail, ensuring nothing is left out when it comes to creating downright fabulous, seamless and memorable celebrations.

With years of experience and a dedicated team of creative professionals and stylists, everything is done to bring innovative ideas to life and craft events as evenings – and nights – to remember.

The intention is to create magical memories with the best parties that have the most creative ideas. A party is more than just food, music and wine. If an occasion is not remembered for “how much fun it was” is not really a celebration.

As Ankoor Pasari says, “We are the devils, because we are in the details. We love jumping through the hoops for you so you can have the time of your life. We make sure your party becomes the talk of the town!”

With vast experience, Viral Party has organized parties in Thailand – Dubai – Russia – Belgrade –Odessa – Kiev- Baku – Bali – Bucharest – Mamaia- Prague –Goa – Ibiza and more.

The package includes staying at the best hotels across the world specially handpicked for the discerning reveler.

The cuisine is as creative as the event. From simple finger food to an elaborate meal, Viral has everything worked out.

Perhaps it is the most ideal organization for those longing to be entertained like VIPs at exclusive restaurants, when the sun seems to shine at midnight. Special attention is paid to décor and styling and creative professionals and stylists bring the party to life beyond imagination.

To add that extra frill, adventure and thrills are added with fun-filled and thrilling activities. “Water, land or air, take your pick and choose from breathtaking experiences like shooting, tank rides, sky-diving, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, ATV rides and more. If you’ve got the appetite for adventure, we have an adrenaline-filled buffet ready for you,” say the organizers. Exclusive experiences include VIP clubbing, exclusive yacht and beach parties and much more.

From funky clubs to luxurious villas and elegant penthouses, Viral makes sure the guests are totally impressed by the taste and panache of the host. Nitty gritties like fun day activities, transport and transfers in modified party buses, limos and funky minivans are all organized for the discerning guest.

Viral Party can organize private parties at a residence, a party venue or any seraphic corner in the world; Milestone Birthdays (from the age of eighteen onwards); Hen’s Party; Engagements; Anniversaries; Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties; Bespoke Party Reunions; Business Success Celebration or any other special occasion.
In addition, Destination Travels are organized at landmark events across the Globe (FIFA, Tomorrowland, Sensation White, Ultra Music Fest, Full moon parties and more).
The Devil-in-Chief Ankoor – a dream maker, an experience creator, a foodie or a style setter – loves what he does and takes pride in ensuring all elements of the event are taken care of on time, with style, and in sync with the theme.

The idea of turning merriment and adventure tourism into a business came in September 2017 as he felt he wanted people to experience the kind of things he has experienced.

He says, “Partying is not about going out, having a drink or shaking a leg, but about the spirit and fun. So, the tagline of my parties is Stirring the soul of the people. The concept is to enjoy and let loose. We make itineraries depending on the number of days the client wants to go out, and even plan things like flying a MIG or using an AK 47 in Russia, or other fun places in other countries of the former Soviet Union like Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belgrade or Kazakhstan.’

Interestingly, Ankoor has traversed into a field which was neither anywhere close to the business of manufacturing for which he travelled from Guwahati to Delhi, nor the subjects he studied. After graduating from a college in Delhi University, he undertook a course in Mass-Com from the University College of Los Angeles followed by an MBA in Finance from the prestigious Cardiff University, UK.

And before he decided to take to partying and adventure tourism, he began his career in 2001 as a distributor of products of LG, Sony and Samsung for their appliances. In 2004, he began a business of corrugated boxes in Haridwar – one of the first to set up a factory in that holy city, continuing this from past 14 years supplying to clients like Pepsi, WIPRO and ITC with printing and packaging.

In 2010, he stepped into a new field – real estate- by establishing a company known as ARP Developers. Trading in large farmhouses in Delhi and commercial properties in cities like Dubai and elsewhere with clients like DLF and Vatika etc. In 2015, he made his first commercial building in Okhla in Delhi to get into construction business.

The real change to follow his passion came along when he realized that he spends his time partying and traveling to unusual destinations coming from a mind of business he saw the opportunity and built alliances with the staff and the owners of the most exciting party hubs of the world.

He became an expert in advising his friends about the best happening places or even eating or relaxing places all over the world.