Creating a grassroots solar movement: Freyr Energy launches SunPro 2.0

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Pune, December 11th, 2018: Freyr Energy, a full-service solar energy provider, today launched Freyr SunPro TM2.0, a revolutionary mobile application that enables entrepreneurs to run solar business with ease. This is the new version of SunPro – India’s first-ever Solar business mobile application that was launched last year and achieved remarkable success.

With SunPro TM 2.0, anyone can setup a solar energy business. Barriers, such as lack of technical know-how, capital requirement etc. are completely eliminated. The platform’s simple user interface is backed by complex algorithms that take into account parameters such as – local solar radiation, solar policy, other available energy sources, space availability, financial assistance requirement etc., to identify the best possible solution for any customer.

Earlier, the process of capturing the energy requirement to generating a detailed techno-commercial proposal would take several days to weeks. With SunPro, this entire process is now completed in a few minutes. Additionally, in-built CRM and Data Analytics helps improve business performance. SunPro TM 2.0 is available for download in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Commenting on the launch of SunPro TM2.0, Mr. Saurabh Marda, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Freyr Energy said, “At Freyr Energy, our objective is to simplify the solar energy business; and make solar accessible to everyone. Our technology helps individuals and micro/small/medium sized companies to start and run their solar business with minimal investment. The Government’s ambitious target of achieving 40 GW of rooftop solar installations by 2022 will require tremendous grassroots participation, especially on the sales front; and we hope SunPro TM will fill the void.

SunPro’s all-encompassing platform is equivalent to a 5-person team of design engineer, pricing specialist, customer management, supply chain and project management. It provides an error free system design and pricing instantly, hence reducing the sales cycle to 1-2 meetings.