CREDAI Pune Metro to train and employ Construction Technicians

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Pune, May 30, 2020: Due to this pandemic & lock-down, many workers are facing job losses & unemployment. While the real estate segment is also facing severe crisis, CREDAI Pune Metro has announced a large local training and recruitment drive to ensure that youth from across the state of Maharashtra are trained and employed as skilled / semi-skilled technicians in the Pune’s real estate & construction sector.


Suhas Merchant, President CREDAI Pune Metro said, “The special initiative titled as ‘Kushalta’ which will be implemented through the Kushal CREDAI wing will not only help the real estate sector to deal with the workforce shortage problem but will also provide an employment opportunity to locals. Here, we plan to train about 50 thousand local youth as skilled and semi skilled workforce for working in construction segment. CREDAI Pune Metro Vice Presidents Amar Manjrekar and Anil Pharande have taken special efforts in designing this Kushlata initiative.”


“The pilot project of ‘Kushalta’ will involve training of about 1000 (one thousand) individuals from various villages & towns in Maharashtra. We will work with the local administration across the state to source young, energetic and enthusiastic men & women who can contribute to Nation building”, he added.


J.P. Shroff, who heads the Kushal CREDAI wing said “Our past experience of training over 35,000 construction workers in making them more efficient and productive would be the key driver of this initiative. Separate training modules shall be developed to create skilled and semi skilled technicians to work in construction sector. This training will also help the trainees to adapt to the work conditions of construction industry in case they were working in any other sector before.”


“All these training programs / workshops shall be conducted in Pune after the lock down gets lifted and will be absolutely free for the participants. Stay arrangements and basic stipend to take care of their food needs would also be provided to by contractors”, Shroff added.


According to Aditya Javdekar, Hon. Secretary CREDAI Pune Metro, “At present there is a need of about 50,000 construction workers at various under development construction sites in the Pune Metropolitan region and so our local Youth that gets trained under this drive have immediate employment opportunities. CREDAI will act as facilitator in this process of training and placement. The focus here is to train and employ the unemployed local Maharashtrian community. Relevant details for enrollment to these programs shall be announced soon.”