Customer Is King, RERA Proves It!

Neha Thakkar
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Adv Neha Thakkar
Pune, 31st January 2023: Remember the time when a builder had all the power to work or not work on an ongoing project and go back on his promises concerning amenities promised? What we saw and what we got were two different things. And what could we do? Nothing much. That’s when the MahaRERA act came into the picture. RERA has ensured that home buyers are protected. They now receive what they are promised.

But the moot question here is, how do they get that? If the builder had to fulfil his promises, he would have done it in any case. What can RERA do to ensure that the builder complies with his promises? Earlier, when disputes of this nature arose, a home buyer would approach the civil court, and the case would drag on for years. But the RERA act created provisions that protect home buyers fully. One such protection is called Revocation.

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