Cyclone ‘Biparjoy’ Becomes Longest-Lasting High-Intensity Cyclone in Arabian Sea Since 1982

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Pune, 13th June 2023: Cyclone ‘Biparjoy’ in the Arabian Sea has made history by setting a unique record. Since 1982, Biparjoy has become the longest-lasting high-intensity cyclone to form in the Arabian Sea.

Over the past five days, the cyclone has been gradually progressing, and its intensity has rapidly escalated, now reaching severe cyclone status. While the intensity is expected to decrease slightly, it will still remain a severe cyclone when it makes landfall between Gujarat and Pakistan on June 15, with wind speeds ranging from 125 to 135 km per hour. However, experts predict that after hitting the coast, the cyclone will weaken further and transform into a low-pressure zone.

The impact of Cyclone Biparjoy is already evident as large waves are crashing onto the shores, with the Arabian Sea experiencing intense churning. According to the Indian National Center for Ocean Information Service (INCOIS), the waves have exceeded eight meters in height.

Comparing Biparjoy’s duration to previous cyclones, Cyclone Kyarr, which formed in the Arabian Sea in October 2019, lasted for nine days and fifteen hours. In contrast, Biparjoy, which formed on June 6, has already persisted for seven days and is expected to continue for a total of ten days, making it the longest-lasting cyclone on record.

Remarkably, this is only the second occurrence since 1982 where a high-intensity cyclone has formed in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea during the pre-monsoon season. Prior to Biparjoy, Cyclone Mocha recently formed in the Bay of Bengal. This occurrence echoes a similar pre-monsoon event in 2019, where cyclones emerged in both the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

As Biparjoy approaches the coast, authorities are closely monitoring its trajectory and intensities. Precautionary measures are being taken to ensure the safety of residents in the affected regions, and the Meteorological Department continues to provide updates on the cyclone’s progress.

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