Daily Recoveries outnumbering daily New Cases ensure steep upward trajectory of the Recovery Rate

Pune woman dances after recovery from COVID
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Delhi, 17 December, 2020:  With focussed strategy and proactive as well as calibrated measures of the Union Government along with the States and UTs, India has sustained a very high Recovery Rate along with rapidlydecliningActive Cases and low mortality rate.

Recoveries outnumbering new cases on a daily basis have ensured a high recovery rate among patients. The total recovered cases are nearing 95 lakh(94, 89,740). The Recovery Rate has improved to 95.31% today. The gap between Recovered cases and Active cases is also increasing consistently and presently stands at 91,67,374.


The rising recoveries have also led to a continuous contraction of India’s Active Caseload. It has ensured that India’s present active caseload of 3,22,366 consists of just 3.24%of India’s Total Positive Cases.



India’s recovery rate is amongst the highest in the world. While the global figure for Recovery Rate is 70.27%, India is recording 95.31%. USA, Brazil, Russia, and Italy are reporting lesser recovery rates.




Following the national pursuit, 18States/UTs have Recovery Rate more than the national average.



India has registered 33,291new recoveries in the last 24 hours.

75.63% of these new recovered cases are contributed by ten States/UTs.

With 5,728persons recovering from COVID, Kerala has recorded maximum number of recoveries. Maharashtra registered another 3,887daily recoveries while West Bengal registered 2,767 new recoveries.


24,010 new daily cases were registered in the last 24 hours.

Ten States/UTshave contributed 78.27%of the new cases.

Kerala reported 6,185cases in the last 24 hours. West Bengal recorded 2,293 new cases while Chhattisgarh registered 1,661new cases yesterday.


79.15%of the 355 case fatalities that have been reported in the past 24 hours are from Ten States/UTs.

26.76% of new fatalities reported are from Maharashtra which reported 95 deaths.West Bengal saw a fatality count of 46 while Delhi reported 32new deaths.


India has registered a steady decline in the number of daily Deaths. The case fatality rate is sustained at 1.45%and is consistently decreasing. India’s Fatality rate is one of the lowest in the world.