Datar Cancer Genetics (Europe) GmbH launches its operations in Germany

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Mumbai: 17th July 2019 : Datar Cancer Genetics (Europe) GmbH has set up its operations in Germany. It will advance access to Datar Cancer Genetics Ltd’s (DCGL) innovative solutions across the European Union and is a key milestone for the organisation. DCGL is one of the leading companies in molecular and genetic analysis and through the GmbH will offer molecular genetic services across the European region.


Dr Stefan Schuster, a specialist in oncology diagnostics, will provide strategic leadership to the European operations and expand the outreach of DCGL.


“This is a significant step to enhance our international presence in one of the most important markets,” stated Dr Vineet Datta, Executive Director at DCGL. “This reflects our commitment to better serve our customers in Europe, and we will continue to expand our international network.”


“The world is facing great challenges today to determine the best strategy for cancer patients, especially those difficult cases with cancer recurrence or lack of treatment response. Our approach in overcoming these challenges comprises of not a single, but an integrative combination of DNA, RNA and cell based analytes to identify the most optimal therapy. We are now very happy to extend this extraordinary service also to Europe” explained Dr Stefan Schuster, MD, Datar Cancer Genetics (Europe) GmbH.


Dr Datta added, “Our focus is to change the current oncology paradigm of “one size fits all” model in most of the cancers, to one that is proactive and adapted to the individual patient needs with long-term benefits at all stages.”