‘Daya Karo’ Daya Karo’ – ‘Be Compassionate!

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 Be a voice for those who can’t speak’ urges Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani as he moves through the streets of Pune in the Annual Rath Yatra of Sadhu Vaswani.


The Rath Yatra’ of Sadhu Vaswani,symbolized unity of all religions as it trailed through the streets of Camp on Thursday, November 23, 2017.


In honour of Sadhu Vaswani’s138th birthday celebrations, the ‘RathYatra,’ was led by Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani sitting in the Rath (a chariot of Peace) at the feet of the life-like statue of Sadhu Vaswani.


The procession started at 5pm from the Sacred Samadhi of Sadhu Vaswani with a prayer ceremony at the Sacred Samadhi.


Many other eminent leaders and city dignitaries graced this historic event.


Mrs. Mangala Prakash Mantri commented, “Coming here and associating myself with the Rath Yatra is something that adds contentment and peace to my heart and mind. I have tried to imbibe Dada’s teachings in my life. It is owing to his teachings that today I am able to serve the society.”


“Although it is my first time, the experience is extraordinarily peaceful and calming, It is, I would say an entirely spiritual experience. Dada, doing this in his centenary is commendable! The efforts that have gone in are tremendous and are visible! As for Vegetarianism, it is definitely a great message and needs to be spread. For that matter, nowadays, even doctors recommend switching to a vegetarian diet,”said Mr. F.B. Sayyad, Assistant Post Master General, Pune.


Yogita Pagrani, a young participant from Dubai commented, “This is my first time attending the birthday celebrations at the Mission and it has definitely been a great one! The whole street has been decked up and looks like a festival in itself. Dada’s dedication towards spreading Sadhu Vaswani’s message is something we all should aspire to. Despite his age and ailments he is right here encouraging one and all to pledge for the Meatless Day.  Stop All Killing has been rallying all throughout the city! It is truly a wonder!”


The procession made its way to Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Poona Club, Quarter Gate, Pudumjee Compound and M. G. Road.


At one of the halts in the procession, Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani addressed the gathering on the streets. He said, “Sadhu Vaswani’s message can be summarised in these two words – Loveand Compassion.  Every year I come to remind you that Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday, November 25, is celebrated as an International Meatless Day. I come to appeal to you, with folded hands to have mercy on these dumb defenseless creatures. Daya karo! Daya karo!” (Be Compassionate, Be Compassionate).


The ‘RathYatra’ at various spots was greeted with joyful buntings, banners, twinkling lights and small altars prepared with pictures of Sadhu Vaswani, paying homage to this great saint.


The procession included decorated floats with messages like, ‘Animals are friends not food’ ‘Jeeyo aur jeene do’.  Youngsters and hordes of devotees singing bhajans and kirtan of ‘Dada Shyam’ added grandeur to the procession.


The RathYatra is an annual pilgrim-procession since 1966 in the city of Pune, providing an opportunity for the denizens of Pune to pay homage to a great soul of Pune, Sadhu Vaswani, and for all of them and their homes to receive his benedictions.


Sadhu T. L. Vaswani – “I know no religion higher than the religion of Unity and Love, of Service and Sacrifice. So many creeds and sects! What will save civilization is a vision of Love. To set up cults and sects is to cut up the Great God into fragments. When will the warring world learn to worship the Lord of Love?”