Delay in Inauguration of Pune Airport’s New Terminal Building Raises Concerns in Rajya Sabha

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Pune, 6th February 2024: In today’s session of the Rajya Sabha during the Interim Budget Session of Parliament, Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Priyanka Chaturvedi brought attention to the delayed inauguration of the new terminal building at Pune airport.


Chaturvedi raised pertinent questions regarding the operational status of the new terminal, pointing out that despite the completion of construction work five months ago, it remains closed to passengers.


Addressing the assembly, Chaturvedi stated, “My question is about why Pune airport’s new terminal building is not being inaugurated and made operational for passengers. And why it has been waiting for the last five months despite the work having been completed.”



In response to Chaturvedi’s query, Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Gen (Dr) V K Singh (Retd.), asserted that the construction work on the new terminal building is still ongoing, contrary to the claim of completion. He cited this ongoing work as the primary reason for the delay in inaugurating and opening the terminal to passengers.


The delay in inaugurating the new terminal building at Pune airport has raised concerns among stakeholders, highlighting the need for timely completion and operationalization of critical infrastructure projects. This issue underscores the importance of transparent communication and accountability in the execution of such projects to ensure efficient air travel and enhance passenger experience.



Officials From Pune Airport responded on Twitter “Madam, it is informed that installation of ILBS is in progress. Improvement in art works, testing/dry run of various operational facilities along with Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of CCTV, IT infrastructure and FIDS system is also underway and will be completed soon.”