Delhi-Goa Flight Assault: Crew Members Confront Passenger in Aftermath Video

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New Delhi, 15th January 2024: A new video featuring Sahil Kataria, the individual accused of assaulting the captain of a Delhi-Goa Indigo flight, has emerged. This footage captures Kataria offering an apology to the pilot, shedding light on the aftermath of the altercation that occurred on the Sunday evening flight, designated as 6E-2175.

The altercation reportedly ensued when the pilot announced a flight delay, provoking Kataria to physically assault him. A video depicting the incident quickly went viral on social media platforms, drawing widespread attention to the unruly behaviour exhibited by the passenger.

In the newly surfaced video, Sahil Kataria can be seen expressing remorse with folded hands, uttering a sincere “Sorry Sir” to a person recording the footage. Interestingly, the person behind the camera dismisses the apology with a firm “no sorry.”

Delhi Police officials have confirmed that they have received a formal complaint and are currently pursuing appropriate legal actions in response to the incident. The initial video clip shows other crew members vociferously confronting the passenger in the aftermath of the assault, with both airline staff and an air hostess actively intervening to restore order.

As a consequence of this incident, Sahil Kataria faces the possibility of being placed on the ‘no-fly’ list, a measure often taken in response to disruptive behaviour aboard flights. Authorities are now investigating the matter thoroughly, ensuring that the appropriate legal repercussions are applied to address the gravity of the situation.