Designer Rohit Verma dismissed all the false allegations on him on #Metoo and his new movement #youtoo and revelations

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PUNE 06 NOV 2018 : “It’s sad to see people trying to misuse #metoo” said Rohit Verma who was accused of sexual assault by Model Saahil Choudhary.


“Disgusted to see people trying to destroy my reputation by putting baseless accusations on me. #Metoo campaign is for women & men to come forward & share their issues they have dealt with, it is not for publicity . MeToo campaign must not be used to levelled false allegations against innocents” adds Rohit Verma.


Agitated with Model Saahil Choudhary’s accusations, Designer Rohit Verma proclaimed ” For every #MeToo, there’s a “#YouToo.” Or, in some cases, “#YouToo?. There are people coming under scrutiny for someone else’s selfish purpose. If India is angry on #Metoo then there should be another movement #youtoo?”