Detailed Blueprints Leak Unveils Secrets of Bajaj’s CNG Motorcycle

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New Delhi, 7th May 2024: Bajaj Auto, a renowned name in the automobile industry, is set to revolutionize transportation with the world’s first CNG bike launch scheduled for June 18. Anticipated to slash running costs by up to 50 per cent or more, this innovative Bajaj CNG motorcycle announcement came directly from Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj, during the recent Pulsar NS400Z launch event.

This groundbreaking development has piqued the interest of budget-conscious commuters, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative. Yet, many details remain undisclosed about this upcoming CNG motorcycle. Recently leaked blueprints of the chassis, however, shed some light on its intriguing features.

The motorcycle is expected to feature a sloper engine design akin to the popular Hero Splendor, possibly with a displacement around 125cc, although official confirmation is pending. Notably, the CNG cylinder will be ingeniously placed beneath the rider’s seat, securely shielded by the bike’s robust subframe and metal braces integrated into the chassis for added safety.

Structurally, the new Bajaj CNG motorcycle will boast a sturdy tubular steel cradle frame chassis, complemented by standard telescopic forks at the front and dual rear shock absorbers. Although the traditional petrol tank remains, it may be slightly resized to accommodate the CNG cylinder, which partially extends into the tank area.

While the petrol tank cap remains accessible, accessing the CNG tank’s filling port may require removing the seat. Key details yet to be disclosed include the CNG tank’s capacity, the bike’s range per fill-up, weight distribution, and the overall increase in weight compared to a regular 125cc commuter bike.